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Testimonial for Dr. Mary Yiassemides

Dr. Mary Yiassemides is an excellent chiropractor!  The broad scope of her medical knowledge, her skill in diagnosing and treating a variety of injuries and physical conditions, and her caring relationships with her patients are the qualities she brings to her practice.

In a typical first appointment, she interviews the patient, takes notes, formulates a potential treatment regimen, and gets to know the whole person.  In follow-up visits, she assesses the efficacy of the treatment and modifies it, if necessary, using various therapies, adjustments, and therapeutic muscle work.  In addition, she gives specific directions to the patient regarding alleviating pain through remedies that include exercise, changes in posture and body mechanics, and the possible use of orthotics in order to prevent re-injury and to maintain wellness. 

Her patients appreciate that she is flexible in scheduling appointments and that she is easily accessible to her patients by phone, text, and email.  Most importantly, Dr.Yiassemides has a genuine interest in her patients’ overall health and well-being.  My treatment by Dr. Yiassemides has enabled me to enjoy a more varied and active lifestyle with confidence and without resorting to drugs or surgery.

 She is not only knowledgeable, skilled, and empathetic, she is a positive force in the lives of her patients.

 Gail Huber

Dr. Maria Yiassemides is the BEST chiropractor in the Jacksonville/Phoenix area. I highly recommend her. She is an amazing specialist, who also has many years of experience. She is very knowledgeable, she listens well, and her schedule is very flexible. I have been struggling with some serious neck, shoulder, and back pain for years, which became unbearable after having two kids. I had constant headaches, I was not able to sleep through the night, and I couldn't even lift my kids. I couldn't sit for an extended period of time and I couldn't bend without pain. After seeing Dr. Yiassemides for a short period of time, my headaches disappeared completely and I was able to sleep through the night. Now, I can lift my kids and sit for longer periods of time, without being in pain all the time. She significantly improved the quality of my life. Based on my experience with many chiropractors and physical therapists over the years, I can truly state that Dr. Yiassemides is one of the finest chiropractors you could ever find. I highly recommend her.

Mina Kirkova

I was apprehensive about going to a chiropractor, because I had worked with orthopedic surgeons for 30 years.  I had intermittent shooting pain from my shoulder to my elbow, and it wasn’t going away.  Dr. Mary’s initial consultation assessed my situation, explained what was happening and outlined the chiropractic process.  After the first treatment of heat, ultrasound, massage and spinal adjustment, I could tell there was improvement in the frequency of the pain.  I followed Dr. Mary’s instructions for hot and cold packs at home and had a total of five additional therapy treatments in the office.  My shoulder is pain free, and I continue to follow Dr. Mary’s advice on maintaining correct posture during driving and working at the computer.  Dr. Yiassemides cares about her patients and is very knowledgeable in her field.  She changed my opinion of chiropractic, and I do not hesitate to recommend her.

Charles D. Franz

Dr. Mary Yiassemides is an excellent chiropractor who has helped me quite a bit with some ailments that have crept up as I approach my mid-forties. She is very knowledgeable and experienced in the field of chiropractic care. With her experience and insight, she is able to diagnose and plan the appropriate course of treatment. In addition to her actual adjustments (which are excellent), she provides helpful hints for helping people with activities of daily living. She provides guidance for the patient’s overall well-being. Dr. Mary truly cares about her patients and their overall health. This can be seen by the smiles of people leaving her office-you know she provides relief, care, and compassion! I further appreciate her accessibility and prompt attention to me when I, as someone who often works 40+hrs per week, am in need of a schedule change. She always accommodates me and responds promptly. Dr. Mary Yiassemides is the simply the best! I always recommend Dr. Mary to my friends and co-workers.


My experience at Dr. Yiassemides was excellent. She is very knowledgable and has years of experience and definitely knows what she is doing. I have been having back pain for quite a few years. I couldn't sit or do any form of physical activity without being in some sort of pain. I was recommended by a patient of hers and was very happy I made the appointment. As she took me into one of the rooms she asked me a series of question to really identify the pain I was in and the problem. Then she began to inform me on how she was going to treat me. My first appointment with I walked in with some back pain. When I left I was relieved of this pain and was very pleased with my experience. Also from my experience she made me feel really comfortable as she treated more than just a patient. I would highly recommend her.

- Tommy Wagner


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Dr. Mary Yiassemides is an excellent chiropractor! ... she is a positive force in the lives of her patients.

Gail H